Get to Know Us

Why Start with Us?

At Renovation Room, we believe that one of the greatest investments you can make is in your home. 

We are blessed to live in a city with incredible craftspeople, contractors and suppliers. The problem is there are too many choices and too many places to visit.

Our team has taken the time to build relationships with the very best of the best, and put all of those amazing possibilities under one roof. One amazing showroom with a designer curated selection of materials for every part of your project is a great place to start.

The Dream Starts Together

When you first visit our showroom, you will realize that our only goal is to be your expert advocate in your renovation journey.

From the first step in DISCOVER YOUR STYLE, through the the final selection process in our Calgary showroom, our team will help ensure that you understand the scope and what is required for your renovation dream.

We will work hard to keep your dream on time and on budget, all while ensuring that the materials you choose match your taste and flow beautifully in your home. Function, style, convenience and efficiency are all what make a home renovation project fun and exciting for the homeowner.

James Agnew

Owner/Super Boss

James has been involved in renovations as the owner of one of Calgary’s largest kitchen companies. He recognized the need for a showroom that truly served the homeowner best.

Caroll-Ann Bainbridge

Senior Interior Designer & Showroom Manager

Caroll-Ann has been an interior designer for 40+ years. She has owned her own design business in the past and is excited to be on the ground floor of this much needed new concept. Her work at Renovation Room has Caroll-Ann helping design for colleagues, builders, renovators and homeowners – easing the stress of others the process has been very rewarding.

Lea Hagen

Sales & Showroom Coordinator

Lea is new to the renovation industry and is excited to be working with such an amazing team. She is looking forward to gaining more knowledge in this field in order to help make Renovation Room a success.

Sam Stamler

Sales & Client Engagement Manager

Sam has been working in the renovation/construction industry for a number of years. She is most passionate about assisting our clients to make their renovation dreams become a reality with as little stress as possible.

Kayden Livingstone

Construction Coordinator

Kayden is new to Renovation Room however he has a strong background in supervisor and management roles. Kayden is most passionate about seeing the progress of each project and being a part of the team who brings the visions of your home to reality.

Mark Stamler

Construction Manager

With over 35 years in the construction industry Mark is an asset to our team. He is excited to be a part of the Renovation room team and to be onsite with trades and homeowners ensuring we are providing the best experience and finished end result possible.

Kind Words from Clients