Contractor Alliance Code of Ethics

Our Contractor Alliance

Code of Conduct and Ethics

1. Purpose

Contractor Alliance and the Company are committed to maintaining the highest business, quality and ethical standards in its operations, recognizing the importance of credibility, integrity and trust. To this end, these guidelines serve to:
a. Emphasize the Contractor Alliance’s commitments to ethics, quality, and compliance with the rules applicable to Membership;
b. Set forth basic standards of ethical behavior; and
c. Provide reporting and punitive mechanisms for non-compliance .

Our Core Values

All Members of the Contractor Alliance must abide by the Company’s core values:

a. Community: Contractor Alliance builds excellence through the collective strengths and skills of its Members.
b. Service: Members shall work in service of another with another and shall keep the best interests of the Contractor Alliance in mind during the provision of Services as a representative Member of the Contractor Alliance.
c. Integrity and professionalism: Members shall honor their commitments and shall adhere to a high standard of quality and professionalism while providing services under the Contractor Alliance.
d. Good Ambassadorship: Members are ambassadors of Contractor Alliance and are encouraged to act in a manner which upholds their good reputation and the reputation of Contractor Alliance. Neither the reputation nor the image of the Contractor Alliance or the Company shall be jeopardized at any time.
3. Health and Safety
The health and safety of the Members, as well as the employees, consultants and customers of the Contractor Alliance are paramount. Members are responsible for working safely and maintaining a safe and secure work environment by taking such measures as may be necessary to ensure a worksite has been safely maintained during the course of providing the Services, and that all supplies, materials and tools have been properly stored while a job is ongoing. Members shall take all necessary steps to ensure job sites have been left safely secured, where applicable, and that at the completion of any job, the job site has been left in a safe and clean conditional meeting the standards represented by the core values of the Contractor Alliance.