What a beautiful showroom!!! I have never seen such a complete offering of products, combined with the expertise that makes the selection process so quick and convenient.
I wish I was visiting this business before.I advise everybody who has a plan for renovation, visit this room...
Such an eye-catching pattern product and design!
The Renovation Room provided us with:
- A seamless quote/contract process.The execution there of was timely,delays were explained and the schedule updated regularly.
- An in house design service that has a large and varied sample selection from which they provide knowledgeable and innovative solutions. Dark marble on a fireplace! Who knew (lol).
- A dedicated team of tradesmen. Super important for project continuity.
- A detailed scope of work that was accurate and comprehensive. Changes were handled promptly and within budget.
We would strongly recommend the Renovation Room. Job well done!
L & L electric help me pass my house inspection and did good work, I recommend them for electric projects ūüĎć