5 Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2022

Are you tired of staring at the same old walls? Chances are you have been thinking of making some décor tweaks to make them fresh and appealing. It’s a great time to take the latest interior design trends and  provide some new excitement in your home. 

In this post, we have selected the trendiest interior designs that can give your home a quick refresh.  

Earth Tones and Shades 

Whatever the current trend is, Earthy shades never go out of style. From nature’s color palette, you can try some popular combinations of browns, warm greens, and deep reds. This will not only be on trend, but will be inviting and comfortable. 

You can also incorporate trendy design furniture with similar color palettes to make your space a great combination of modern and traditional. Don’t forget to throw some sprinkles of home accessories in the same earth tones as a perfect accent.

Blending Nature Inside and Outside

Nature is always on trend, and appeals to almost everyone.  Feel free to add natural elements to give your home decor more depth. Wooden furniture and natural wood or stone texture are a great place to start.  Stone and brick accents can help with the natural aesthetic in your home. To make the best use of your interior and outdoor space ideally you can let as much natural light enter your home with light blinds and curtains. 

Vintage – What’s Old is New Again

Whenever we think about interior design trends, Vintage looks never go out of fashion. This could be the right time to use some retro colors and elements and apply some vintage pop to your home.

The key here is to balance the retro look with strong accent colors. A bold statement is to add contrasting colors and vibrancy to the home while working in some antique style furniture and decor to give it a rich yet retro inspired look.

Orange blanket on grey sofa in modern apartment interior with poster and wooden table. Real photo

Your home is your stage

The current pandemic crisis has many of us conducting work from home.  Virtual meetings have become common these days. What a great time to give your home office a distinctive look for your video conference background. 

You can try some curated bookshelves and decor pieces. Pops of color and artwork can provide visual interest. Remember, less is more for your background. 

Warm Colors 

Warm color gives you the feeling of warmth during the long winter months and is an excellent way of sprucing up your home. Warm greys, accented with burnt orange color or warm reds are a statement combination. The colours of the year are Grey and Yellow – a powerful contrasting colour palette that will be a great conversation piece for your interior design.

Good luck, and have fun!