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Discover Your Style

You have an idea but aren't quite sure how to get started. This is why Renovation room is the perfect place to begin. Our unique Discover your Style process guides you to the perfect design for your upcoming renovation.

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Curated Selection

From 1000's of choices our world class designers have done the legwork for you, and offered a perfect selection of materials and finishes for you to get started with. Why sift through the mundane, when you can start with extraordinary.

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The Homeowner's Advocate

What if you could have someone on your team from the very beginning of the renovation process? No pressure, no sales tactics, just helpful advice and guidance from experts. That is why we created Renovation Room.

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Design Consultation

This is the fun and creative part of the process. Our talented artists will help you map out your vision, and understand the elements of the design process.

Concept to Completion

Your ideas taken from conception to plans and drawings with our talented team.


We are detailed and meticulous in our process, checking in as your partner on budget, expectations and selections.

Renovation Assurance

Protecting you from costly mistakes. An experienced professional is your best friend when doing a renovation. They ensure every step of the process is efficient and effective.

Dreams Designed for Every Budget

You are not in this alone. Our showroom has been curated with world class products across multiple price points.

Less Time. Better outcomes.

We're happy when you're happy. It's as simple as that. We do our best to make the process efficient and stress free for you.

Renovating the renovation industry

Change can be challenging, and renovations have traditionally been the most challenging change a homeowner can face. We looked at the pitfalls in this industry and endeavoured to find a better way for you.

Renovation Room works on a simple internal promise. We want to save you time, money and frustration. Our goal is to learn what you are hoping to achieve in your renovation, partner with you as an industry expert and guide you in the selection process from the beginning. We are here to give you the help you need to make your dream renovation an enjoyable and memorable process.

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don't sell anything

help you make selections

help you get great deals

take away unnecessary stress

help you get started on your renovation

are always on your side

help with ideas and planning

offer Design and Consultation

are the first stop for Renovations

Design Consultations

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