Starting A Renovation? Remember These Three Things!


Perhaps the most prolific mistake a homeowner can make is underestimating the timeline needed to do a renovation. Don’t be fooled into believing renovations happen like on tv. You may need 30-60 days for a relatively small renovation like a kitchen or bathroom once you factor in the planning. Because of our unique showroom, Renovation Room can remove considerable time and effort off the typical timeline by having everything you need for choice available in our showroom. If you plan on a larger renovation like an addition or adding a second story to your home, you will need to think 6 months to a year out.

Because of our unique showroom, Renovation Room can remove considerable time and effort off the typical timeline by having everything you need in one convenient location.


We’ve all heard about the bad contractors. You should know that even great contractors can be frustrated by unrealistic expectations. Renovation Room has gone to great lengths to find the best trades and suppliers. They are experts in their fields, and by giving them respect and space to do their work, the best results will come. In our experience, if a high-quality tradesman makes a mistake, the fix is made without any issues, and sometimes before the homeowner is even aware there was a concern.  The ideal process includes a thorough scope of work that is signed off prior to work commencing. As much as possible, the good client/contractor relationship has considered all contingencies and the scope of work stays intact through to completion. However, because of the nature of renovations, there can be unforeseen issues. When that happens, it is important to work with the project manager and settle on an addendum that meets the requirements and move on. It is reasonable to expect the trades to leave the site neat and tidy, however, there will be dust and dirt throughout the renovation until the final sign-off. Through good communication and managed expectation, this can be a rewarding process with a fantastic end result.


Budget expectations are one of the most important questions to answer. The way to manage this should be addressed in the first two client meetings. In our experience, it is better to be transparent in the beginning. There are far too many testimonials of people ending over budget. And we’ve all heard the stories of the contractors who know how to get the job by giving a low price only to return to the well over and over as the scope of work is being exceeded. At Renovation Room, we will ask the hard questions up front and take into account every aspect that should be included in the cost.